Understanding some of the common web design tips can make the difference.

Tip 1: Use a light background with a dark font, ideally white background with black text. This can be a lot easier on the human eye.

Tip 2: Have your logo located top left of your web site as this is often the first thing a human eye will see. With your business or website name, e-mail address and your phone number at the right side of your logo.

Tip 3: Make sure you have a Site Search option for your website if your website has many pages and products. This may be positioned near the top of the page.

Tip 4: Make sure your Title Tags in each page is unique and contain your main keywords. Don’t simply have “Home” as your Title Tag, make sure it says what your site is about.

Tip 5: Make your Meta Description as attention-grabbing and as descriptive as can be. Use your keywords however make it clear or readable.

Tip 6: Keep images as small as possible, larger image will take longer to load. Remember slow pages are terribly annoying!

Tip 7: Avoid using Flash images, flashing or moving graphics are distracting and annoying.

Tip 8: Ensure that you have Alt Tags on all of your images. Keep it sensible and real.

Tip 9: The fonts you use for your text are important. Do not use fancy fonts, stick with Serif, Sans-Serif, Arial, Verdana or Helvetica fonts these are easy to ready fonts.

Tip 10: When using hyperlinks do not just put ‘Click Here’, use your keywords as the link text.

Tip 11: Make navigation of your site simple, easy to understand and user friendly.

Tip 12: Do not use images for links, always use text. Google cannot read images but will obviously read text, so make sure your keywords are in the text.

Also make sure that your website fits on most screen sizes, one most annoying factor that turns visitors off is that if they need to scroll from left to right to view your site.