Domain Names

Domain Name: The letters or words typed into an internet browser that signifies a website.


Understand the distinction between purchasing a domain name and web hosting. The domain name is your address to access your website, you must get hosting to accompany it. Hosting is the actual space wherever your website is stored, and it is usually bought with the name, although you can purchase a domain name without having to get hosting. 


Domain names, being very restricted as there is just one of whatever name you want, suggests that you should buy the name immediately even before you’re ready to build your website, at least you’ll have kept the name for yourself.


It is important to name your website after your domain name, because once your audience think about your website, they’ll think of it by name. If your website name is also your URL, they’ll automatically recognize what to type into the browser to get to your website. 


With the fast dynamic pace of the world of the web, where customers, academics and researchers automatically turn online for info, it pays to have a domain name that replicates your site or business. It is impractical to expect your potential customers to memorize an unrelated URL. Build it easier for them to search out and do business with you repeatedly, thus leading to brand loyalty.


Having a plan of your objectives, and also a plan of your website look or layout and content will assist you in selecting a name. You want your website name to fit your site’s topic, and you also need it to be as memorable as possible. Domain names have a maximum of sixty seven characters. Shorter is better because individuals can memorize that easily compare to a long domain name that’s difficult to remember and definitely vulnerable to spelling mistakes once typed into the browser.


Once you have decided on a domain name, do a quick search in Google and see if there are any websites with similar names to yours. Especially if the websites have the same niche as yours, it is not a good idea to own a website name that is very the same to another website’s name.


Choose website name to fit your site’s subject, and make it memorable as possible. Also be cautious of websites/trademarks with similar names to your chosen name.